Hosted, Cloud & VoIP phone systems

Reduce costs and increase productivity with a Hosted Telephone System. Unify all communications and enjoy a seamless solution.

A hosted (VOIP) telephone system provides a fully-integrated communications solution which unifies your workforce, giving you the ability to link multiple sites. It offers scalability and flexibility for both your needs today and for the future.

We can offer a variety of solutions ranging from our own hosted platform to respected providers such as Daisy.. We can provide you with a complete telephone system review and a simple free of charge, no obligation quote. We ensure our telephone system solutions are of the highest quality, full of features and are importantly, ready to go.

VoIP Key Benefits

Voice over the internet, is a revolutionary and ingenious technology, turning a simple internet connection into a fully functional phone system. Our VoIP solution’s offers complete flexibility and above all, a secure, reliable platform delivering a quality service.
One of the most important benefits you will first notice with VoIP is the cost saving. With no expensive ISDN phone lines and PBX systems, costs are kept to a minimum.
You will immediately see a decrease in your call costs without any reduction in quality.
As long as you have a connection to the internet, Wherever you are, you are part of your VoIP phone system. Whether in the office, at home or even on holiday you can still make or receive calls via the telephone system platform.
As your business grows, so can the system. No expensive ISDN upgrades or phone system updates are needed. You just need to add an extension and an extra handset.
Our VoIP offerings offer all of the traditional phone system features and much more. So as well as standard call forwarding, hunt groups and voicemail, features such as Call recording/reporting, CRM and outlook integration, voicemail to email plus much more are there for you to use. All the VoIP platforms will have an intuitive web portal to simply manage all of these features.
We make it our responsibility to ensure your system is always operating at 100%, which will reduce costs to you in terms of maintenance and support contracts.
In business it is often desirable to have a presence in other parts of the country, with our VoIP options. Numbers can be chosen from a wide range of geographic and non-geographic number ranges.

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